Brake & Clutch


Cardiff Car Clinic can check and replace your brakes and clutch and ensure your car is safe to drive again.

We’re a small family owned and operated business with our customer’s best interests at heart, which means we’ll always provide you with the best value for money on all replacement parts. Check out our brake and clutch services below.


Don’t put up with squeaky brakes!

If you’ve noticed some issues with your car’s brakes, such as a grinding or squeaking noise, loose handbrake, shuddering when you slow down – it’s time you brought your car in for a check-up.

Our qualified mechanic can provide all your brake service needs. We can check the condition of your current brake pads, bleed them, test them, and repair or replace them where needed.

We look after everything related to your vehicle’s brakes, including:

  • brake machining
  • disc rotors
  • wheel cylinders
  • hand brakes
  • brake lines
  • ABS diagnostic

You can rest assured – we only use quality parts and products and we test drive every car before and after the service. All our work comes with a 12-month warranty.


If your car is a bit smelly, it’s leaking fluid, and you’re finding it hard to get into gear – it might be time for a new clutch.

Our qualified mechanic can perform a clutch check, repair and full replacement, covering all your clutch service repair needs. We can:

  • Replace clutch cables
  • Repair or replace clutch master and slave cylinder
  • Bleed and replace clutch fluid
  • Install a new clutch kit

As with all our services, we only use quality parts and products and test drive all cars before and after the service. All our work comes with a 12-month warranty.

Call now for a free over the phone estimate. We’ll do our best to provide an accurate price upfront so you’re aware of the costs – and we’ll let you know in advance if any additional work is required before starting.


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General Servicing


Our qualified mechanic can perform general servicing and auto repairs for any car or light commercial vehicle.

General servicing should be done annually or every 15,000km if your car gets a lot of mileage on the road. General servicing is recommended for cars that are 7 years or over or no longer following their logbook service schedule.

When you bring your car into Cardiff Car Clinic for a general service, our mechanic will:

  • change your engine oil and engine filter
  • check under your bonnet and top up fluids
  • check your cooling and charging system
  • a brake, safety, and lights inspection

Our mechanic will always test drive your vehicle before and after every service for your guaranteed peace of mind.

Cardiff Car Clinic provide a quality and reliable general car service at an affordable price. Call our office today for an over the phone quote (02) 4954 7089.


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Fault Finding


If there’s something wrong with your car – our qualified mechanic is the one to find it and fix it! Whether it’s a mystery light popping up on your dash display, or your engine’s making a strange noise – we can check your car and make sure it’s running efficiently.

Cardiff Car Clinic provide a fault finding and diagnostic service for all cars and light commercial vehicles. Our mechanic is highly trained and equipped with the latest diagnostic technology to scan your car and identify issues that may be mechanical, auto-electrical, or electronic.

Whatever the outcome, if your car needs a tweak, repair, or replacement part, you can trust we have your best interests at heart when making our recommendations.


Learn more about our auto mechanical fault finding and diagnostic service by calling (02) 4954 7089. Get in touch



Your vehicle’s suspension system affects its stability on the road, and is responsible for providing you with a smooth and comfortable drive.

If trips have been feeling a bit rough or bouncy lately, or your tyres are showing some unusual tread wear – it might be time for you to get your suspension system checked out.

Your suspension system includes everything from shock absorbers, springs, ball joints, tie rod ends, and suspension bushes – they all need to be in good condition for suspension to be working effectively.

Our qualified mechanic can inspect your vehicle’s suspension system and provide any repairs or replacements required to get your vehicle back to peak performance. At Cardiff Car Clinic, we only use quality parts and products and all our work comes with a 12-month warranty.

Suspension repairs and replacements are available for all cars and light commercial vehicles.


Book your vehicle in for a suspension inspection at Cardiff Car Clinic by calling (02) 4954 7089 or Get in touch

Radiator Sales & Repairs


We’re experts in radiator sales and repairs after many years in the industry. Our qualified team can help you with all your cooling system needs, including re-cores, rebuilds, exchange radiators, and parts.

Our qualified mechanic performs a full radiator service on all cars and light vehicles, which involves an inspection of your cooling system, drive belt and hoses, flushing, cap, air pressure test, replacement of fluids, and radiator replacement.


The radiator is your car’s cooling system. There are obvious signs that your radiator needs to be checked out by a qualified mechanic, such as;

  • An overheating engine
  • Low or discoloured coolant
  • Leaking coolant
  • Physical damage to the radiator

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, book your vehicle in for a radiator service today. Call Cardiff Car Clinic (02) 4954 7089.


Get in touch to learn more about our range of radiator products for sale. We only stock quality parts and products, guaranteeing you the best value for money on your purchase.

Call Cardiff Car Clinic on (02) 4954 7089 to discuss your radiator needs with our qualified team.


Call Cardiff Car Clinic on (02) 4954 7089 to discuss your radiator needs with our qualified team. Get in touch

Fleet Service


Cardiff Car Clinic provides a quality and professional fleet service.

We’ll tailor your fleet maintenance program to suit your needs, looking after all scheduled servicing, maintenance, repairs, and part replacements. We work with you to ensure you’re operating a reliable fleet for an efficient business.

Our qualified mechanic can look after all your auto needs; including

  • fault finding
  • auto electric
  • air conditioning
  • cooling systems
  • log book services (includes cars under warranty)
  • general services
  • brake and clutch repairs and replacements
  • suspension repairs and replacement
  • battery testing and replacement
  • safety and pre-purchase inspections.

If you’d like us to look after your fleet, stress less and let us look after the rest.

Get in touch with our friendly team with the details of your fleet so we can pop it into our schedule – we’ll work within your timeframes for your convenience.


Call our friendly team or we can arrange a time to come to your business to discuss your needs. Get in touch



Like everything in life, car batteries don’t last forever.

If your car won’t start, there’s a good chance your battery is flat or dead and you need a qualified mechanic to check it out. If you’re located within 10km of our Cardiff workshop, we can arrange to come to your car and perform a battery inspection and test.

We’ll find the cause of the problem, checking your starting system, alternator, drive belt and pulleys. If it’s your battery that’s dead, we can replace it for you on the spot. We’ll also provide an estimate for any additional repairs that may be required.

Cardiff Car Clinic stock a range of high quality, reliable, durable batteries to suit any kind of car or light commercial. We specialise in car battery sales, testing, and replacement.

Call our friendly team and we can advise which battery you need for your vehicle and come to you to arrange a replacement.


Call our friendly team and we can advise which battery you need for your vehicle and arrange a replacement. Get in touch

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